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LB-30 is my favourite

As I age, my metabolism slowed down noticeably. I experienced bloating occasionally, which made me feel uncomfortable. But ever since I tried LB-30, those issues are a thing of the past. Now, I go to the bathroom at least twice a day, and my digestive system feels much better... They say "clean gut, clean mind." I really feel like my skin is clearer, and my overall health is improving. LB-30 is my favourite, and I'm grateful for such a great product that has benefited me so much!  Read More

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Confident with better skin

My skin condition used to be really bad. I saw improvements in my skin when I started using skin care, but I decided to try Borage Seed Oil and saw that my skin condition became even better within a month. I've been... using it continuously for three years now. Besides improving my skin complexion, it also relieved discomfort during my monthly cycle. Now, I feel more confident with better skin.   Read More

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Vivian Wang

Hydrating my skin from inside out

I really love HA Jelly. Its texture is just like berry-flavoured jelly—sweet, refreshing, super delicious! Back then, I only knew about hydrating my skin with face masks. But after discovering Avance, I realised that hydrating from the inside out is equally important. HA Jelly is... the perfect choice. Its compact and portable packaging allows me to replenish moisture anytime, anywhere, making it a fantastic snack for both work and leisure. Combined with Collagen Plus, my skin is now more hydrated and radiant!   Read More

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GLO Caps truly amazed me

I started my Avance journey after hearing about the products' significant effects, so I decided to start by trying out GLO Caps.

To my surprise, within just two months, I noticed that my overall skin tone became brighter, and... even my liver spots showed remarkable improvement! This truly amazed me as I've been in the health supplement industry for five years and have been consistently taking health supplements. Through research and comparison, I discovered how amazing Avance products truly are!

The quality of Avance products encouraged me to share it with the people around me. Whether it's GLO Caps, DORS or Black Currant Seed Oil, everyone really liked the supplements. Avance products are indeed fantastic!
  Read More

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Grace Ku

Suitable for city dwellers

My hands and feet used to get cold really easily. After taking a bottle of One Plus A Day, I don't get cold as easily as before. I also feel more energetic and less fatigued. It's really suitable for busy city dwellers. I dine out often, so it's hard... for me to meet my daily nutrition requirements. Taking a capsule of One Plus A Day helps me to maintain my energy level throughout the day.   Read More

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Magic Powder

I started consuming LB-30 in 2021 and since then, my baby, hubby, mum, sis, bro, nephew and niece are all consuming this probiotic. It is definitely the star product for our family, helping... with various issues like digestion, bloating, and immunity. Wish I had discovered this probiotic much earlier and I wouldn’t have to suffer so much previously.   Read More

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I really felt a difference

Initially, I only took One Plus A Day as an additional supplement to strengthen my immune system. After taking it for a few days, I really felt a difference! I feel more energetic... every day. I also noticed that my skin became better, which was a surprise! I diligently take a capsule of One Plus A Day every day now.   Read More

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Mei Wei

More energised, better sleep and concentration

I'm a light sleeper, so I don't usually have quality sleep and it’s harder for me to fall asleep too. I'm always feeling tired and have to take power naps so I can have the energy to last through the day.

The most worrying part is, I often black out when I stand up after sitting for too long. But after... consuming One Plus A Day, by the 3rd week, I realised I've slept better, I’m not as tired as before, and my issue of blacking out is gone! I always thought it’s a lack of sugar intake that was causing my blackouts. But after taking One Plus A Day, I believed that I was lacking in some vitamins and minerals, which I had no idea.

After my own experience, I highly recommend all my friends and family to take One Plus A Day as the food we take daily definitely can’t fill in our daily minerals and vitamins intake. It's so easy to consume, just 1 per day in the morning. I feel more energised, my concentration is better, and most importantly, I can sleep better too! If you’re not sure what supplements you need, start with One Plus A Day!
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Mary Yeo

Currently on my second bottle

I started taking One Plus A Day in July. I’m currently on my second bottle and after taking it for a week, I noticed that I could sleep throughout the night. Before this, I used to wake up two to three times at night and could hardly get back to sleep. I also noticed that I don't yawn so frequently, and... my eyes are not teary and dry. Taking One Plus A Day helped to boost my energy level and alertness.   Read More

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May Ling

Less tired and more energised

One Plus A Day is great, it really helped to improve my body condition. I don’t feel tired so easily and my energy level is much better. It’s tough to meet the daily nutritional requirement with just my daily diet, but... One Plus A Day helps to solve this problem as I take 2 capsules a day. It’s easy to consume.   Read More

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My energy level and physical strength have gone up

I was so excited to try One Plus A Day. I’ve been taking it for 20 days and I don’t feel any digestive discomfort. I feel that my energy level and physical strength have gone up too.

The air-conditioning in my office is... really strong. When I stay in the office for more than two hours, my hands and feet will get really cold. After taking One Plus A Day for more than two weeks, I can feel a noticeable difference and I don’t get cold as easily. Even if I stay in the office for half a day without wearing an outerwear, my hands and feet won’t turn chilly.   Read More

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Wan Ling


Consuming One Plus A Day has increased my energy levels and body temperature! Now, I don’t feel as tired even after a long day and my hands and feet doesn’t feel as cold anymore. As One Plus A Day contains several essential vitamins and minerals, I find it convenient that I only have to... take 1 capsule a day to complement my daily diet and ensure my nutrition gaps are adequately filled. I highly recommend One Plus A Day to people who have no time to monitor their diet but would like to increase their nutrition intake!   Read More

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Si Hui

Many kinds of vitamins in just a bottle

I feel that after taking One Plus a Day, my body does not fall sick so easily. It contains many kinds of vitamins in just a bottle and I love it! It’s very easy to consume as I do not... have to take many different supplements for the nutrients. I feel that this is very good for those who don’t eat a healthy diet, miss out on the important nutrients or those who do not like to take much vegetables and fruits.   Read More

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Edna See

Do not feel as giddy anymore

Before I started taking One Plus A Day, I used to have an issue of giddiness. Usually, I will feel giddy when I bend down or stand up abruptly. After taking One Plus A Day for two weeks,... I realised that I do not feel as giddy anymore. This product worked really quickly and effectively for me. It's also very easy to consume and does not have the strong Vitamin B smell that most multivitamins have.   Read More

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Boosted my nutritional intake

After taking One Plus A Day, I felt that my energy level has increased, and I don’t feel so tired in the afternoon. It also helps to boost my nutritional intake.

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Jamie Ann

Changes were pretty drastic for me

It really does make a difference when your body is lacking essential vitamins. You can feel it in different forms: tiredness, lethargy, lack of concentration and irritable mood and I’ve personally been through them. After taking One Plus A Day for just... a month, the changes were pretty drastic for me. I had the energy to get through the day without feeling tired easily and my concentration has been pretty great.   Read More

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Less tired overall

I often sleep very late. After taking One Plus A Day, I feel that my energy level has increased! It is also easy to consume because it's a pill. I no longer need to take short naps because I feel less... tired overall. I recommend it to fellow mummies like me who sleep late but need to wake up early to send kids to school!   Read More

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Easy to consume

I don't feel as tired as before after taking One Plus A Day. I love that it's easy to consume – just 1 pill a day!

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Swiss Tiara

Effective supplements worth buying!

LB-30 is the first supplement I have taken due to my irregular bowel movement during pregnancy. I'm glad that my family & child are taking it as well since it has proven how effective it is. My customer also... benefited from it with the improvement of her leg's skin condition & she is so happy to be able to step foot into people's house without being embarrassed about her legs.   Read More

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Evangeline Tham

Love LB-30 to the max

Always love it and bring it along everywhere. Stocked them in my office and home. It is super effective! My sensitivity to lactose improved, and I wouldn't experience digestive discomfort... easily. Will continue to take it~ Happy tummy happy me 😇   Read More

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Convenient and really helps!

I love that HA Jelly and LB-30 are so convenient to carry around! Just one stick a day and I can easily throw the packaging away after. Both supplements hardly take up any space in my bag.

I also take Liqui Cal/Mag and Black Currant Seed Oil daily. I feel that Black Currant Seed Oil really helps to relieve... the discomfort I feel during my monthly cycles.   Read More

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Yue Ding

I could fall asleep more easily

I used to suffer from severe insomnia for more than 13 years. I was constantly taking sleeping pills but my sleep quality was poor. As a result, I often felt tired during the day and found it really hard to stay focused. I was also diagnosed with hypertension.

I started taking PhosChol 565, Super EPA 2000 and ...Black Currant Seed Oil. After taking these supplements for a few weeks, my blood pressure improved and I felt more energetic. I could focus better.

I also take Liqui Cal/Mag regularly and found that I could fall asleep more easily. Over time, with the help of Liqui Cal/Mag, I can now sleep soundly without sleeping pills!
  Read More

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GLO Caps surprised me in many ways

As a working professional in my late 20s, I often felt tired and lethargic, especially by midday at work. I tried GLO Caps with the initial thought to improve my general well-being, but it surprised me in many ways. I took 2 capsules a day and felt so much more energetic and fresh after that. It made me more... effective at work and generally as a person. I have been taking GLO Caps for a year now and it has become a staple in my daily routine.   Read More

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Xi Kui

My blood pressure went back to normal

I was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes many years ago. To keep my condition in control, I took seven different medications a day as prescribed by my doctor but my blood pressure was still in the high-risk range of 160/110.

With the help of PhosChol 565,... Super EPA 2000, Black Currant Seed Oil and Liqui Cal/Mag, my blood pressure went back to the normal range of 120/60 in just 5 months. Even my doctor was surprised by the significant improvement and lowered the dosage of my medication.   Read More

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Yun Nai

Feel more energised and refreshed

Liqui Cal/Mag helped me and my husband greatly in our sleep quality, and we wake up feeling more energised and refreshed. It has become our staple every night for the last 10 months and... we will continue to take it regularly.   Read More

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Wan Lin

My gut health became more stable

I have a weak gut and tend to struggle with inflammation problems. I've tried many probiotic brands but to no avail. I took LB-30 for 3 months and found my gut health becoming more... table. The skin condition around my chin area have seen improvements.   Read More

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Xun Ying

My daughters love LB-30

My daughters do not have a habit of using the toilet outside and tend to experience occasional discomfort. Since young, I bought all sorts of probiotics for them, but they dislike... taking them. After trying LB-30, they have been reaching for it on their own initiative every morning!   Read More

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Catherine Sim

No more painful indigestion!

I used to get a lot of indigestion, even from wearing clothes that are slightly high waisted and on any random day. It's really painful and prevents me from sleeping well. After taking LB-30, my indigestion has reduced tremendously and... I no longer suffer from such frequent pain! Will definitely continue with it and highly recommend this!   Read More

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Ying Ru

My period has been more regular

Since taking Black Currant Seed Oil 3 years ago, my period has been more regular and no longer feel crampy. I can go to work unaffected and I feel and look better as a whole!

Black Currant Seed Oil graphic illustration

Wei Lun

Less discomfort during my period

This is the first health supplement I've tried and I find my period more regular and feel less discomfort during the time of the month.

Black Currant Seed Oil graphic illustration


I saw visible improvements

My skin condition on my left and right cheeks was affected due to hormonal imbalance. I started taking Black Currant Seed Oil, 2 softgels a day and noticed an improvement on my skin condition in just 2 months. Now I'm 6 months in with regular use.

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Si Yu

My skin got better

Now that I'm past the age of 25, I finally realised the importance of skin care as I find my skin losing collagen quickly.

Now, I'm taking one stick of... Collagen Plus a day to improve my condition. My skin has gotten better from the inside out!   Read More

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Rui Ling

Great taste and benefits

My favourite Avance supplement is HA Jelly. Before pregnancy, I thought it was just a nice tasting jelly. After giving birth, my skin and body felt dry, dehydrated and seemed to have lost its bounce. Applying moisturiser didn't help... much. I started to take 2 sticks of HA Jelly a day and the effects were almost immediate. Not only did my face feel more hydrated, the skin on my body felt smooth and supple. Because of its great taste and obvious benefits, I'm now taking HA Jelly everyday!   Read More

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Great product

My husband has allergies, a weak gut and troubled skin. Before taking LB-30, he'd wake up with a runny nose in the morning. After taking LB-30,... he has seen better improvement in his overall wellbeing and gut health . LB-30 is a great product for him.   Read More

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Jia Ning

Gentle on the stomach

I used to have indigestion and often experienced stomach churning or pain when I tried to take products that help with bowel movement. I find LB-30 gentle... on the stomach and helps me to go to the toilet smoothly without any discomfort.   Read More

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No more blocked nose

My son often wakes up in the middle of the night due to sinus and blocked nose. He also had a pre-existing skin condition. He took a box of... LB-30 and no longer suffers from blocked nose at night. Really thankful to Avance!   Read More

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My digestion improved

Since young, I tend to have indigestion and bowel discomfort, which often lead to breakouts on my skin. LB-30 helped to improve... my digestion and now I'm able to visit the toilet daily. My skin condition has also improved.   Read More

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I've taken more than 3 boxes of LB-30 now. The taste is delicious. I tend to have takeout meals and before taking LB-30, my digestion was... slower and toilet visits were irregular. I see LB-30 as good bacteria to maintain my gut and digestive health.   Read More

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Ya Xin

My sensitive nose improved

Since young, I have a sensitive nose. I started taking Avance LB-30 since last November, 1 sachet daily. Within 2 months, I found myself... sneezing lesser in the morning and my running nose symptoms also improved. As someone who was troubled by my sensitive nose for so long, I am very happy to experience this improvement!   Read More

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Helps with improving skin condition

Having skin sensitivities since birth is no fun, and it just got worse when I grew older with more stressors. LB-30 has helped so much in... reducing the itch and shortening the healing time for me. Plus, it also improved my bowel systems, which is connected to detoxing, in turn reducing symptoms of allergies. ❤️ Love it.   Read More

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Jazlynn Soh

LB-30 rocks!

Have been giving my kids LB-30 on a regular basis and I do see that my child immunity has gotten better. Every day they will look forward to taking it and it’s never enough.

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Michelle Diane Lim

Avance LB-30 review

Whenever I have irregular meals or get overly hungry, I would end up feeling bloated & have cramps, to the extent that I had to bend down my body to ease the pain. There was once when this reaction acted up... again and I quickly popped down a sachet of Avance LB-30. Now, I bring at least 2 sachets out along with me as my remedy.   Read More

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My skin is brighter

After taking GLO Caps for a month, my skin is obviously brighter. I went to a wedding where I'd quite a few drinks. Normally I would feel tipsy and have a hangover the next day. But this time,... I didn’t feel a thing! I think GLO Caps did a great job at neutralising and breaking down the toxins. I will definitely continue taking GLO Caps!   Read More

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Tan Shuying Eileen

LB-30 for my family

I love LB-30. My whole family is taking it and it helps my son who is only 20 months. After he took it daily, his digestion is so much better.

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I could feel the difference

I used to feel tired all the time and yawned frequently, even when my sleep hours were sufficient. It felt like my energy levels were not enough tomatch my day. I could feel the difference after finishing a bottle! I feel a lot... more energetic in the day and find myself yawning lesser. My husband who has been staying up late and doesn't exercise often has also started taking PhosChol 565 and my daughter too.   Read More

PhosChol 565 graphic illustration


I feel more energetic

I've had difficulty going to sleep for many years and depended on sleeping pills each night. Even then, I could only manage up to 4 hours of sleep on most nights and my sleep quality was poor. I felt tired most of... the time. It was hard to focus at work.

The TCM told me that my liver health was poor, which affected my sleep quality. I started taking 2 softgels of PhosChol 565 a day and after 3 months, I found myself sleeping better as my liver health improved – I woke up lesser at night and no longer needed sleeping pills. As I continued taking PhosChol 565, I'm having more restful nights and wake up feeling energetic and refreshed!
  Read More

PhosChol 565 graphic illustration

Ming Gu

My lower back pain improved

As a hair stylist, long hours of standing and poor posture over the years caused me many body pains and aches.

After taking Liqui Cal/Mag for about a month, the pain in my lower... back greatly reduced. Without the aches, I could sleep better and woke up feeling more refreshed and energetic.   Read More

Liqui Cal/Mag graphic illustration

Zhi Hui

Doesn't smell fishy

The light fruity taste is good and doesn't smell fishy.

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