Chewable Zinc styled
Chewable Zinc
Chewable Zinc tablet
Chewable Zinc powder
Chewable Zinc styled
Chewable Zinc
Chewable Zinc tablet
Chewable Zinc powder

Chewable Zinc

Tasty cherry-flavoured tablet to support immune health and body recovery

Supports our body's natural resistance

Maintains healthy cells

Supports body's recovery processes

Supports normal functioning of vision, smell and taste

Promotes hormonal balance

May help with acne skin

Delicious cherry-flavoured tablet


People who wish to support body's natural resistance

People who are zinc deficient

People who wish to improve their skin condition

Chewable Zinc ingredients


Each tablet contains 15mg of zinc.

Supports body's natural resistance and normal cell growth1
As the second most abundant trace mineral in our bodies after iron, zinc is necessary to support immune function. It also supports normal cell function. Zinc supplementation can help to reduce total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. It can also help to increase HDL cholesterol and may be beneficial for people at risk of atherosclerosis.

Supports body's recovery processes1
Zinc speeds up recovery through cell repair and tissue renewal and helps wounds and injuries sustained to heal faster. It is also known to support faster recovery from common cold symptoms.

Zinc is involved in the regulation of sleep, thus zinc supplementation may help to promote better sleep.

Supports normal functioning of vision, taste and smell1
Zinc can possibly delay the progression of age-related macular degeneration and vision loss.

Zinc deficiency may result in an impaired sense of taste and sharpness of smell.

May be effective against acne2
A powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory effects, zinc may help with acne skin problems. It aids the absorption of vitamin A, which is helpful in regulating sebum production.

Rosa Roxburghii Fruit extract

Each tablet contains 50mg of rosa roxburghii fruit extract.

Rosa roxburghii contains high amounts of polyphenols and ascorbic acid, powerful antioxidants that protect our body against oxidative stress.3,4

Vitamin C

Each tablet contains 100mg of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is helpful for promoting collagen synthesis, regenerating vitamin E in our body and supporting our immune health.5

Vitamin A

Each tablet contains 150mcg of vitamin A.

Vitamin A is key in supporting immune health, vision and reproduction. It also supports cell growth and plays a critical role in the normal formation and maintenance of the heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs.6



As a dietary supplement,

Take 1 tablet daily.

9 years old and above: Take half a tablet daily.

Chew thoroughly or suck before swallowing.

This product contains lactose.

  • Contains lactose.
  • No preservatives added.
  • Product colour may vary due to the presence of natural ingredients. Product quality is not affected.
  • If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and seek medical advice if any adverse reaction occurs.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Keep container tightly closed.
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    Dosage: 30mg Elemental Zinc
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Chewable Zinc

30 tablets
Made in Taiwan


Can pregnant women take Chewable Zinc?

Yes, we recommend pregnant women to take Chewable Zinc as the zinc requirements for pregnant women is usually higher than normal people. Zinc is an important nutrient for the normal growth and development of the foetus.

As each pregnancy condition is unique, we recommend pregnant women to consult their doctor before consuming any health supplements.

When is the best time to take Chewable Zinc?

We recommend to take Chewable Zinc on an empty stomach for best effects. However, if you experienced dizziness, take with food instead.

Why do vegetarians need to consume Chewable Zinc?

Zinc deficiency is common among vegetarians as it is more difficult for our bodies to absorb zinc from plant-based foods. Hence, vegetarians are encouraged to take Chewable Zinc.