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Cal/Mag Plus
Cal/Mag Plus capsule
Cal/Mag Plus texture
Cal/Mag Plus styled
Cal/Mag Plus
Cal/Mag Plus capsule
Cal/Mag Plus texture

Cal/Mag Plus

Synergistic blend of Red Algae Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Trace Minerals to enhance calcium absorption for healthy bones and teeth

Maintains healthy bones and teeth

Slows down bone density loss

Supports mobility and muscle functions

Helps to relax muscles and ease lethargy

Higher bioavailability


People with inadequate calcium and magnesium intake

People who wish to strengthen their bone health and maintain bone density

Pregnant and lactating mothers

Cal/Mag Plus ingredients


Each serving (2 capsules) contains 400mg calcium.

A key ingredient for bone health
99% of our body's calcium is channelled into forming strong bones and teeth. Yet we often do not consume enough calcium in our daily diet.

As we age, there can be changes in bone density, especially in women, and ensuring proper nutrition is essential for overall well-being. Having sufficient supply of calcium helps to keep our bones strong and healthy.

Regular calcium supplementation helps to increase bone density.1 Having sufficient supply of calcium helps to keep our bones strong and healthy.

Supports mobility and muscle functions2,3
Maintaining sufficient level of calcium in our body helps to ensure proper muscle function and regulate muscle contraction and relaxation.


Each serving (2 capsules) contains 160mg magnesium.

Helps our body absorb calcium and vitamin D4,5
Magnesium ensures important bone-building minerals such as calcium and vitamin D are properly absorbed by our body.

Helps relieve muscle tension6
Calcium is involved in muscle contraction, while magnesium is known to have muscle-relaxing properties. Having a balance of both minerals is key to the smooth functioning of our muscles.

Promote restful sleep
Magnesium promotes relaxation and facilitates sleep. Regular supplementation of magnesium has been associated with reducing restlessness and promote better sleep.

Vitamin D, Boron and other Trace Minerals

Both vitamin D and boron encourage healthy bone growth. Vitamin D enhances calcium absorption while boron supports the proper metabolism of calcium and magnesium.8,9 Other trace minerals such as manganese and zinc are added to help with bone metabolism.10



As a dietary supplement,

Take 2 capsules daily.

4 years and above: Take 1 capsule daily.
Open capsule and consider mixing the content with water or milk for easier consumption.

Take after food.

This product contains vitamin D3 derived from lanolin.

Cal/Mag Plus uses plant-based red algae calcium

Calcium used in Cal/Mag Plus is sourced naturally from red algae – a plant algae that grows naturally in the mineral-rich Icelandic seabed.

Scientific studies show that red algae calcium is better absorbed by the body compared to other calcium forms.

We harvest our red algae from the Westfjords of Iceland, which is an extremely remote and untouched region without any heavy industry. This greatly minimises the risk of contamination and ensures the purity and safety of the calcium obtained.

The harvesting process is sustainable, does not harm the natural environment and is certified organic.

Higher bioavailability

Cal/Mag Plus higher bioavailability bar chart

Bioavailability is defined as the ability of a substance to be absorbed and used by the body.

Cal/Mag Plus uses red algae calcium, which is itself highly bioavailable. The formula also includes a duo combination of magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide as well as minerals in chelated forms to enhance its bioavailability.

Magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide are different forms of magnesium commonly combined in supplements to increase its potency.

Minerals in chelated forms are mineral complexes that are more easily absorbed by the body.10 Cal/Mag Plus formula contains zinc and manganese chelates.

Balanced ratio of Calcium to Magnesium

A balanced calcium/magnesium intake ratio can offer better absorption of both minerals.

Cal/Mag Plus is formulated with a calcium to magnesium ratio of 2.5:1.

Studies have shown that a 2:1 to 3:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium is generally accepted as well-balanced.11,12

  • If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and seek medical advise if any adverse reaction occurs.
  • No preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring added.
  • Product colour may vary due to the absence of artificial colouring and presence of natural ingredients. Product quality is not affected.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Keep container tightly closed.
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Cal/Mag Plus

60 capsules
Made in Fiji


How much calcium do we need to maintain bone health?

Calcium is an important mineral for bone building. Generally, it is recommended to take 1000mg calcium daily to meet the body's requirements for bone health enhancement.

Each serving of Cal/Mag Plus contains 400mg of calcium to provide adequate amount of calcium in addition to the intake from our diet.

Can pregnant women take Cal/Mag Plus?

Pregnant women typically require additional calcium to support the developing bones of the fetus. Cal/Mag Plus can supplement to fulfill their increased calcium needs.

As each pregnancy condition is unique, we recommend pregnant women to consult their doctor before consuming any health supplements.


To further maintain bone and joint health