LB-30 is my favourite

As I age, my metabolism slowed down noticeably. I experienced bloating occasionally, which made me feel uncomfortable. But ever since I tried LB-30, those issues are a thing of the past. Now, I go to the bathroom at least twice a day, and my digestive system feels much better. They say "clean gut, clean mind." I really feel like my skin is clearer, and my overall health is improving. LB-30 is my favourite, and I'm grateful for such a great product that has benefited me so much!

Swiss Tiara

Effective supplements worth buying!

LB-30 is the first supplement I have taken due to my irregular bowel movement during pregnancy. I'm glad that my family & child are taking it as well since it has proven how effective it is. My customer also benefited from it with the improvement of her leg's skin condition & she is so happy to be able to step foot into people's house without being embarrassed about her legs.

Evangeline Tham

Love LB-30 to the max

Always love it and bring it along everywhere. Stocked them in my office and home. It is super effective! My sensitivity to lactose improved, and I wouldn't experience digestive discomfort easily. Will continue to take it~ Happy tummy happy me 😇


Magic Powder

I started consuming LB-30 in 2021 and since then, my baby, hubby, mum, sis, bro, nephew and niece are all consuming this probiotic. It is definitely the star product for our family, helping with various issues like digestion, bloating, and immunity. Wish I had discovered this probiotic much earlier and I wouldn’t have to suffer so much previously.


Great product

My husband has allergies, a weak gut and troubled skin. Before taking LB-30, he'd wake up with a runny nose in the morning. After taking LB-30, he has seen better improvement in his overall wellbeing and gut health . LB-30 is a great product for him.

Xun Ying

My daughters love LB-30

My daughters do not have a habit of using the toilet outside and tend to experience occasional discomfort. Since young, I bought all sorts of probiotics for them, but they dislike taking them. After trying LB-30, they have been reaching for it on their own initiative every morning!

Jia Ning

Gentle on the stomach

I used to have indigestion and often experienced stomach churning or pain when I tried to take products that help with bowel movement. I find LB-30 gentle on the stomach and helps me to go to the toilet smoothly without any discomfort.


No more blocked nose

My son often wakes up in the middle of the night due to sinus and blocked nose. He also had a pre-existing skin condition. He took a box of LB-30 and no longer suffers from blocked nose at night. Really thankful to Avance!


My digestion improved

Since young, I tend to have indigestion and bowel discomfort, which often lead to breakouts on my skin. LB-30 helped to improve my digestion and now I'm able to visit the toilet daily. My skin condition has also improved.

Wan Lin

My gut health became more stable

I have a weak gut and tend to struggle with inflammation problems. I've tried many probiotic brands but to no avail. I took LB-30 for 3 months and found my gut health becoming more stable. The skin condition around my chin area have seen improvements.



I've taken more than 3 boxes of LB-30 now. The taste is delicious. I tend to have takeout meals and before taking LB-30, my digestion was slower and toilet visits were irregular. I see LB-30 as good bacteria to maintain my gut and digestive health.

Ya Xin

My sensitive nose improved

Since young, I have a sensitive nose. I started taking Avance LB-30 since last November, 1 sachet daily. Within 2 months, I found myself sneezing lesser in the morning and my running nose symptoms also improved. As someone who was troubled by my sensitive nose for so long, I am very happy to experience this improvement!


Helps with improving skin condition.

Having skin sensitivities since birth is no fun, and it just got worse when I grew older with more stressors. LB-30 has helped so much in reducing the itch and shortening the healing time for me. Plus, it also improved my bowel systems, which is connected to detoxing, in turn reducing symptoms of allergies. ❤️ Love it.

Jazlynn Soh

LB-30 rocks!

Have been giving my kids LB-30 on a regular basis and I do see that my child immunity has gotten better. Every day they will look forward to taking it and it’s never enough.

Michelle Diane Lim

Avance LB-30 review

Whenever I have irregular meals or get overly hungry, I would end up feeling bloated & have cramps, to the extent that I had to bend down my body to ease the pain. There was once when this reaction acted up again and I quickly popped down a sachet of Avance LB-30. Now, I bring at least 2 sachets out along with me as my remedy.

Catherine Sim

No more painful indigestion!

I used to get a lot of indigestion, even from wearing clothes that are slightly high waisted and on any random day. It's really painful and prevents me from sleeping well. After taking LB-30, my indigestion has reduced tremendously and I no longer suffer from such frequent pain! Will definitely continue with it and highly recommend this!

Tan Shuying Eileen

LB-30 for my family

I love LB-30. My whole family is taking it and it helps my son who is only 20 months. After he took it daily, his digestion is so much better.

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