I saw visible improvements

Due to hormonal imbalance, I would have acne growing at the same spots on my left and right cheeks. I started taking Black Currant Seed Oil, 2 softgels a day and noticed that the frequency of the acne recurrence dropped. The last time it appeared was 2 months ago, and has not returned since. Personally, within 6 months of regular use, I saw visible improvements and felt its effects.


My period has been more regular

Since taking Black Currant Seed Oil 3 years ago, my period has been more regular and no longer feel crampy. I can go to work unaffected and I feel and look better as a whole!

Ying Ru

Less discomfort during my period

This is the first health supplement I've tried and I find my period more regular and feel less discomfort during the time of the month.

Wei Lun

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