Testimonial 1

My sleep quality improved and I feel much more energetic!

Kim Tan, 52 years old

Individual results may vary

I used to struggle with insomnia for many years and depended on sleeping pills each night. Even then, I could only manage up to 4 hours of sleep on most nights and my sleep quality was poor. This greatly affected my quality of life as I felt tired most of the time. It was hard to focus at work.

The TCM told me that my liver health was poor, which affected my quality of sleep. The nutritionist at BWL recommended that I supplemented with Avance PhosChol 565 daily. I started taking two softgels a day and after 3 months, I found my sleep quality improving – I woke up lesser at night and I no longer needed sleeping pills. As I continued to supplement with PhosChol 565, I am able to have more restful nights and I wake up feeling more energetic and refreshed!

Testimonial 2

Enjoying quality sleep and better performance at work now after 13 years of insomnia

Qiu Yue Ding, 52 years old

Individual results may vary

I used to suffer from severe insomnia for more than 13 years. I was constantly taking sleeping pills but my sleep quality was poor. As a result, I often felt tired during the day and found it really hard to stay focused. My failing memory also greatly affected my efficiency at work.

I was also diagnosed with hypertension but I refrained from taking medication long-term as I was worried about their side effects. This caused me to experience frequent dizzy spells and headaches, which was very troubling to my daily living.

As a loyal user of skin care products from Best World, it did not take me long to find out about Avance supplement products too. After attending product trainings, I discovered that Avance supplements may improve my health condition and decided to give them a try.

To deal with my hypertension and poor memory, I started taking PhosChol 565, Super EPA 2000 and Black Currant Seed Oil. After taking these supplements for a few weeks, my blood pressure has improved and my energy levels increased. The headaches reduced and I could focus better. People around me were also surprised by how much my memory improved!

On top of that, I regularly take Liqui Cal/Mag and One Plus A Day for nutrient replenishment. I found that I could fall asleep more easily and my quality of sleep improved greatly. Hence, I gradually reduced the dosage of my sleeping pills and continued taking these two supplements faithfully. With the help of Liqui Cal/Mag and One Plus A Day, I can now sleep soundly without sleeping pills!

Testimonial 3

Relieved from severe body aches

Cai Ming Gu, 36 years old

Individual results may vary

I have been working as a hair stylist for more than 10 years. Prolonged hours of standing and poor posture over the years have resulted in many body pains and aches. My back often felt stiff before bed and I would wake up with muscle aches all over my body. The pains made me feel really miserable.

To relief my back aches and shoulder neck stiffness, I tried many treatment methods including electrotherapy and applied pain relief patches, but none of them worked.

It was then that my wife got to know about Avance supplement products and recommended that I try them too. After taking Liqui Cal/Mag for about a month, the pain in my lower back greatly reduced. Without the aches, I could sleep better and woke up feeling more refreshed and energetic. My moods also greatly improved. I felt happier and my family relationships improved as well.

To date, I have been taking Avance Liqui Cal/Mag for more than 2 years and I can still feel the benefits of this product!

Testimonial 4

No more headaches and dizzy spells

Wu Xi Kui, 65 years old

Individual results may vary

I was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes many years ago. To keep my condition in control, I took seven different medications a day as prescribed by my doctor but my blood pressure was still in the high-risk range of 160/110. I was also very worried that taking long-term medication at such a high dosage may lead to kidney failure.

Though I exercised everyday and took health supplements from various brands, my condition was still not improving. I suffered from frequent dizziness and headaches, which really affected my mood and daily living.

I was introduced to Avance health supplements by my friend and decided to give them a try. With the help of PhosChol 565, Super EPA 2000, Black Currant Seed Oil and Liqui Cal/Mag, my blood pressure went back to the normal range of 120/60 in just 5 months! Even my doctor was surprised by the significant improvement and lowered the dosage of my medication.

Thanks to Avance, I no longer feel easily tired and dizzy and can even go hiking. My children are also happy to see my health in a better condition!

Testimonial 5

Feeling happier and more active with better cholesterol control

Meynard B. Orciga, 32 years old

Individual results may vary

I was troubled by high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels for many years. These conditions affected my life very much. Whenever I felt unwell, I would become temperamental and impatient.

I became greatly worried when I started to feel heart palpitations after heavy meals. I knew that heart palpitations could be a symptom of a serious heart condition and I tried to change my diet and lifestyle habits. However, there was still no improvement.

I was introduced to Best World and decided to give Avance health supplements a try. I took Super EPA 2000 daily and in just 2 months, I could feel a significant difference! My cholesterol level went back to normal and I stopped having heart palpitations. Super EPA 2000 has now become my daily health booster that helps me to feel more active and happy every day!

Testimonial 6

Keep body in balance

Theresa Tan, 45 years old
Lim Chor Hoon, 70 years old

Individual results may vary

Theresa Tan, 45 years old:

My mom suffered from high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol for more than 10 years. Previously, she would be admitted to hospital at least twice a month. She continued seeing the doctor, but her blood pressure was very high. She had had stroke at least 3 times. There was one major stroke after which she couldn’t walk at all. She became half paralyzed. Since then she’s been on medication.

About 3-4 years back, I happened to be at a BWL outlet. I met this old lady who was taking Avance health supplements. I didn’t believe in health supplements. Then I heard her telling another old lady that she had been taking Avance health supplements and they were very good. She took PhosChol 565 because she had high blood pressure and other problems. She said that, normally, when she walked, she couldn’t walk for long. She had hypertension, diabetes, types of illnesses my mother had. She said she took BWL health supplements for about a month, and now she was able to walk longer distances and felt stronger. So I thought: why not I give these to my mom to try.

I let her try Super EPA 2000, PhosChol 565, Liqui Cal/Mag and SangoCal, and some Nonicaps. After taking the products for about one month, I brought her for a check-up, the doctor said, “Very good! Her cholesterol level has gone down.” Subsequently,she didn’t need to go for cholesterol checks so often, only about once a year. When I brought her for check-ups, the doctor told me that her blood pressure was under control.

My mom loves sugar, even till today she has to take her tea every morning, she can’t go without sugar. Back then she was also on insulin. She would inject herself until her stomach became bruised. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to inject herself with insulin now.


Lim Chor Hoon, 70 years old

My health improved greatly after taking Avance health supplements. They were recommended to me by my daughter. After taking them, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels came own and are now at normal levels. The health supplements are really effective. Don’t give up. You can’t expect to see results by taking the supplements just once or twice. You need to consume it regularly to see its effects. Even though I had had stroke, the supplements helped me greatly. I eat sweet things still, and I’m still healthy.

Testimonial 7

Alleviate monthly discomfort

Jamaliah Samsudin, 47 years old

Individual results may vary

In year 2000, I had excessive menstruation problem. Every time my period came, I was not able to sleep. Even sitting was a problem, so I had to stand all the time. Subsequently I went to the doctor who gave me medicine to control my menstruation. But once I finished my dose, I menstruated even more. I went back to the clinic to look for the doctor, who recommended that I did a checkup at the hospital. After the checkup, the doctor gave me drugs to control my hormonal levels. After eating those drugs, my menstruation did improve. But after 2-3 days, the problem resurfaced.

I intended to return to the hospital for consultation. But before that, I met Dr. Doreen Tan. She recommended that I took 2 soft gels of DORS 2 every morning and night, 2 soft gels of Black Currant Seed Oil every morning and night, and drink lots of water with SangoCal. Following that, Dr. Tan suggested I took BifiMax to protect my body against infections. Since using the products, I menstruate more normally. And my period lasts for just 6-7 days. I’m very pleased and happy. Every time someone asks, I heartily recommend these products to them.

Testimonial 8

Boost Energy Level

David Loh, 60 years old

Individual results may vary

I got to know about Avance health supplements through my elder daughter. She went to bwL & attended many lessons to learn about the products before recommending them to me. She believed that the supplements were very effective, and eventually brought back a few items for me to try.

Avance health supplements have helped me a lot. After taking PhosChol 565, my dark eyes circles are much reduced. As a wedding solemnizer, I have to run around the whole of Singapore to about 10-12 places each day. Avance Super EPA 2000 helps relieve me from feelings of tiredness. Driving around is quite tiring. But after taking Super EPA 2000, I don’t feel as tired as before.

Although I don’t have any major health problems, I think that health supplements are important for everyone, whether you are old or young. Health supplement helps maintain your body functioning well. Secondly, they balance your diet with the right nutrients. Thirdly, they protect against potential health problems.

Testimonial 9

Detox & Enhance body's resistance

Tan Cheng Choon, 55 years old

Individual results may vary

Towards the end of 2005, my stomach was constantly in pain. When I went to consult the doctor at the clinic, he referred me to KK hospital. In the end, I discovered I needed to go for surgery, chemotherapy and electrotherapy. When I was experiencing electrotherapy, I felt great pain. Three weeks later, my hair started to fall. I did not have much energy left.

After my fourth chemotherapy session, Angie, my sister-in-law, who was learning about BWL products, came home to tell me, “You will be saved!” That day, she accompanied me to see Dr. Doreen Tan. The moment she saw me, she said, your whole body is blackish. Because of chemotherapy, the toxins in your body are overwhelming. So she told me the first thing I had to do was to detox, so that my body will not be in such pain.

Dr. Tan told me to take ImmuGain, BifiMax, PhosChol 565, V-Propolis andSangoCal and to drink at least 2 litres of watereveryday.This way, I can remove the toxin accumulated during chemotherapy sessions. Until now, I am still eating BWL products, those that Dr. Tan recommended.Now, I feel healthier, lighter and those blackish toxins are gone. I don’t feel so weak too.

Today, I went to the doctor’s at KK hospital. He told me I don’t need to go back for a checkup anymore for now. He gave me an open date. He said my feet were doing well. He measured the length of my feet, and they were not swollen. He said I’m doing well currently. I don’t need to see him for a while. He gave me an open date. I was very happy to hear that.

Testimonial 10

Ensure body's equilibrium

Poh Li Wen, 36 years old

Individual results may vary

In 2002, I found myself slimming down a great deal. At the time, I was very happy. Later, I realized the reason for my weight loss was because I was moving my bowels more frequently each day. At one point, I passed motion for about 7 times a day. I did not know then the real reason for this. Once, I ate a tomato and what passed out was a tomato that looked almost undigested. Moreover, I did not even realize that I was passing motion. At this point, I realized that something was the matter with my health. My hands were very warm too. I perspired a lot, and slimmed down tremendously. No matter how much I ate, I was still losing weight. My emotions fluctuated greatly. I was often losing my temper.

Like most people, I quickly consulted Western medical doctors. After testing my blood, he discovered that my heart was beating at a very fast rate, about 180/min. He told me that I had a thyroid problem. I’d never heard of thyroid. He said I had to take medication immediately, or my heart will stop functioning any time. So I dutifully took my medicine and did blood tests every month. However, my body gradually became very swollen. I could not lose the weight gained however much I exercised or watched my diet. I was simply not in control of my weight, and thus I became depressed. After 3 months, my eyes became a problem. My left eye protruded out while my right eye became sunken in. My right eye was not able to move like it used to in the past. It wasn’t able to move in accordance with the way I wish to express myself facially. I panicked, and asked the doctor again what I could do. He suggested that I go to Tan Tock Seng Hospital to see an eye specialist. They were not able to help me too. They tried many ways, eye drops and so on. Finally he said I should go for surgery, lifting the drooping eyelid through surgical means. But I did not want to take up this option as I believed that I could get well. So I began doing yoga, observing my emotions, controlling my emotions, doing exercise, and diet-wise, I gradually became a vegetarian.

At a chance meeting, my friend, Liu Laixue, who is also my upline, introduced me to try using BWL’s products to heal my eyes. But I was very resistant towards medicinal products. She remained very patient with me. Once, I passed out blood in my urine. It was very serious, because it meant I had hematuria. Without antibiotics, I cannot stop passing out blood. Laixue gave me SangoCal. Truly, after I had a relapse in the morning one day, I stopped passing out blood by 5pm in the evening. So I grew interested in the products that she recommended. Why was it so amazing? SangoCal could really help stop me from passing out blood. It was unbelievable. My mother also uses products from this company, and assured me that the products were very effective. So I asked Laixue to recommend me to more products.

First, she told me I needed to detox. So I used SangoCal for 2 weeks together with BifiMax, to clear my body of unwanted wastes. Then, she recommended I use DORS. DORS is Traditional Chinese medicine, which helps strengthens the body. After clearing my body of the toxins, I used DORS. I had to take a heavy dosage so I ate 3 soft gels each day. It’s a heavy dosage. I consume it with SangoCal, because DORS tends to be ‘heaty’. Following that, I used Black Currant Seed Oil to balance my hormonal system. I also took PhosChol 565. After about 6 months, I noticed that my eyes, the one that was sunken in was recovering nicely. My eyes could also move with ease. This made me very happy.

Testimonial 11

Regulate circulation

Wilfred Ang, 51 years old

Individual results may vary

I went to the hospital to do further checkups in September last year, namely EMCO and heart scan. Subsequently, the doctor told me he suspected my heart was blocked, my blood vessels were blocked. So I needed to do detailed angiogram tests or ballooning. And so he arranged for me to do angiogram surgery five months later.

After the doctor told me about the blockage in my heart, he gave me Western medicine to eat. But all along, I have been slightly resistant towards Western medicine, so I did not take those prescribed.

Actually, I learned about BWL by chance after coming across some articles in the newspapers. I called BWL, and later got to know Dr. Doreen Tan. Through her recommendations, I started eating several health supplements which includes CardioZyme, PhosChol 565, Super EPA 2000, SangoCal etc.

After eating these health supplements for about 5 months, I did another test. After the test, the doctor told me that my heart was fine, the blood pressure returned to normal levels too.