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QWhy do we need supplements?

A With our modern busy lifestyle and unhealthier food choices we consume, our bodies do not get supplied with the right nutrients to help ensure good health.

Here, supplements play an important role in the maintenance of our health. They often help to fill up these nutritional gaps in our diet, or supply vital nutrients that can help support wellbeing.

Prevention is the key and regular consumption of supplements is highly recommended as they ensure that our body is supplied with adequate “resources” to continue functioning at optimal levels.

QWhat is the appropriate age group for consumption of Avance supplements?

A Avance health supplements can be eaten by anyone. While Avance health supplements are functional food items and can be consumed by people of all ages, we recommend users to read each and every Avance health supplements’ directions for clearer instructions.

QHow soon can I see the benefits of the supplements I am taking?

A Health supplements are meant to provide the body with a balanced level of essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals.

For a healthy individual, you may not be able to feel very obvious difference, even if your body benefits from the health supplements that you are taking. But, we assure you that you are preserving your health for a better, healthy and more enjoyable life ahead of you.

However, for those who are experiencing minor discomforts, you may need three to four months of adequate health supplements before being able to feel its benefits.

QWill there be any side effects?

A Presently, there are no known side effects when taken according to the directions on Avance health supplements’ labels as they do not contain controlled drugs or chemicals.

However, should you experience any allergic reactions, please stop consumption and immediately consult your nutritionist or physician.

QCan I take your supplements with my medication?

A Yes. However, please consult your nutritionist or physician when in doubt.

Avance health supplements are basically extracts from food and are not known to have any adverse reactions with drugs. However, there are certain health supplements whose efficacy maybe compromised when taken with some drugs.

As such, we advise users to read the directions for consumptions on the labels carefully. Should there be any allergic reactions, please stop your consumption immediately and consult your nutritionist or physician.

QCan I consume Avance health supplements in a dosage that’s different from what is printed on the label?

AWhile we acknowledge that differing health conditions may require different dosages of our health supplements, we do not recommend users to increase or decrease their dosages too drastically as instructed on the labels. We recommend that you seek the advice of your nutritionist or physician before making drastic changes in the dosages.

QCan I take your supplements during pregnancy?

AWhile adequate intake of health supplements maybe very beneficial for pregnant women and her baby, especially during the first trimester, we would advise mums-to-be to take note of some precautionary measures.

For example, the consumption of some vitamins in mega doses is deemed inappropriate for pregnant women. Excessive amounts of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin C had been found to increase birth defects and other problems. As such, it is best to consult your nutritionist or physician when in doubt.

Our supplements which we recommend for pregnant ladies would be SuperEPA2000 and PhosChol565, as both these supplements contain specific nutrients that can greatly benefit the development of the baby.

QCan a vegetarian or vegan take Avance health supplements?

A Avance health supplements which are formulated to be suitable for vegetarians or vegans include:

    • Our multivitamin supplement One-Plus-A-Day, is made from Vitamins, minerals and an assortment of fruits and vegetables
    • Nonicaps and ImmuGain which use hypromellose capsule shells
    • Cardiozyme and Bifimax which uses starch for their microcapsules
    • Zinc, Vitamin C, and SangoCal which do not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

QWhere are your products made?

AOur Avance health supplements are made from a variety of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified factories from USA, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.