With our hectic lifestyles, it can be challenging to consume a diet that contains all the nutrients we need daily for optimal health. Quality health supplements thus play an important role in filling those lacking gaps in our nutrition for maintenance of good health.

Brand Story

A healthy you makes a happy you.
Avance was born since 1990 so you can live better.
We provide essential nutrients for you and your family, so you can navigate life’s daily challenges while staying energetic, healthy and radiant.

Our comprehensive range of supplements are guided by three dedicated promises of:

  • Efficacy – proven effective formulas
  • Purity – pure premium ingredients
  • Concentration – concentrated convenient dosages

With stringent checks on our processes, we create health products that you can trust.

Enjoy the benefits of a healthy life.
Experience quality happiness from within.

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Quailty Assurance

Have you ever thought of what goes on in the production processes and even before that?

How are you assured of the quality of these processes?

At Avance, we pledge to deliver quality.

More than just exuding a sleek and classy image, it is also about ensuring you and your family’s health and safety. We aim to perfect every single part of the final product, right down to product packaging.

ISO-certified processes and GMP packing facility

Our processes (starting from sourcing to the eventual distribution and supply) are ISO-certified (i.e. processes are robust, consistent and accurate). In addition, our packing facilities have a high level of automation and are GMP-certified. Production personnel are properly trained and certified.

Once filled, each bottle is sealed with a tamper-evident air-tight aluminum seal to ensure freshness and shelf-life standards are met.

Stringent Quality Checks in place to ensure consistency of products

Product quality inspections by our QC team are done on every received batch of products, to ensure that product quality is kept consistent. Products are subjected to assessments, based on appearance, texture, weight, olfactory parameters and colour variance. Ingredient assays, microbial and heavy metals tests are also conducted to ensure product safety and efficacy.


Celebrating our 5th consecutive term of Superbrands award

Brand building is important to deliver sustainable growth in an environment where consumers have unlimited choices.

Avance sets itself apart as a brand, through continually asking ourselves this question: Are our products of premium quality and high standards for that can best help better our consumers’ health?

And our consumers have responded with a resounding answer – YES! Avance has been awarded with Superbrands for 5 consecutive terms, recognising our commitment to upholding consumer confidence and brand excellence.